Monitoring Prodrug Delivery in Suicide Gene Therapy Using CEST MRI

Abstract To accelerate the development of nanotechnologies for drug and gene delivery, it is highly desired to construct nanoparticles with imaging capabilities so that the process of delivery and release can be monitored and quantified with a medical imaging modality ...
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CEST MRI assessment of tumor vascular permeability using non-labeled dextrans

Abstract Quantitative imaging technologies for the characterization of the size-dependent tumor vascular permeability (i.e., in the macro- to nano- size range) are of great clinical interest. Such technologies will be extremely useful for oncologists to assess the tumor vascular permeability ...
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Optimization of CEST MRI for detection of bacteria

Abstract It is highly desired to develop new non-invasive imaging approach for detecting bacterial infection with improved specificity and spatial-temporal resolution. Although to date there are a number of molecular imaging approaches have been demonstrated for bacterial infection in the ...
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Noninvasive prediction of tumor response to gemcitabine using MRI

Abstract The prediction of tumor response to chemotherapy can be achieved by elucidating the efficiency of drug delivery to the targeted tumor cells, and the effectiveness of the delivered drug to be activated and act on tumor cells. A non-invasive ...
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