Liu Group’s current research projects focus on the development and applications of a novel MRI technique, chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST). His team is currently developing a variety of nanoparticle-based CEST imaging probes with low toxicity, high sensitivity and high specificity, and exploring the biomedical applications of these new imaging probes. In addition, the team is also interested in exploring the biomedical uses of endogenous CEST contrast.


Monitoring Prodrug Delivery in Suicide Gene Therapy Using CEST MRI

Monitor drug delivery with CEST MRI

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CEST MRI assessment of tumor vascular permeability using non-labeled dextrans

Dextran as imaging agent

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Optimization of CEST MRI for detection of bacteria

See bacteria with MRI

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Noninvasive prediction of tumor response to gemcitabine using MRI

Image guided drug delivery using CEST theranostics

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